Highway Rider

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Ride your motorcycle at full speed!


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Highway Rider is a driving arcade game where you have to race your motorcycle at full speed down a busy highway. You'll have to swerve to avoid trucks, police cars, buses, and all kinds of other vehicles.

The gameplay in Highway Rider is very simple: your motorcycle always moves forward in a straight line and you have to tilt your device to one side or the other to avoid crashing into the other vehicles. If you pass the cars closely, you get extra points.

You start out the game with a very basic motorcycle. But as you get better at playing and achieve high scores, you can buy new motorcycles and even special riders (like an astronaut or a zombie). There isn't a huge difference in the way each motorcycle handles, but they each have their own unique look.

Highway Rider is a simple but exciting racing game. Even if it doesn't have a lot of depth, it makes for some fun quick rounds.
By Erika Okumura

Requires Android 2.3 or higher